The Amateur Writer


I don’t think I can write but I love to think I can and if I waited till I felt like writing…well…
So I asked myself…what should I write about? And she said:
Write about life…and the loss of it
Write about what makes you happy…and what makes you furious
Write about feelings and emotions…and the mumbo jumbo of it all
Write about family, friends and loved ones
Write about what was, what is and what would be
Write about people; their uniqueness, their struggles, their foolishness…and complexities
Write about children and their lovely nature
Write about social injustice, politics and what not
Write about beauty…and the irony of it
Oh! Write about the beloved Father, the sacrifice of His son and the promise of the Comforter…which is already come
Write about love, faith, hope, Joy, peace, forgiveness…and truth
Write about you…for yourself and to yourself
Write about anything and everything
Don’t just sit and wait for that “perfect” time…it doesn’t exist
Make the words come alive and show them the world of words
Let them fall in love with it; let it fill their senses
Let them see it, feel it, taste it…touch it…at least try…
I laughed
I laughed at the nonsense
I laughed at the irony
Oh well! I dont think I can write.
But…I would have to try
Well, having said that,
Let me welcome you to my world of words!
I hope you share this world with me and be a part of it.
Have fun!